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It’s a simple truth that when people develop positively and connect with others, good things happen. Our Society, known as the Hakim Workneh & Melaku Beyan Society, has a mission: to create and maintain a network of Ethiopian medical professionals living in North America. As our network grows, we can achieve more together than any of us can do alone. Together, we can find better ways to help improve healthcare in Ethiopia and its medical facilities, which is our main goal.

Right now, our society is made up of old friends from medical school and teachers who want to honor two pioneering Ethiopian doctors: Hakim Workneh and Melaku Beyan. We started our organization in California in July 2010. Since then, we’ve defined our mission and created a website to guide our work and let others know about us. We hope that, with respect for each other and our shared mission, our contributions will gradually make a positive impact on international development.

Many people worry about the “brain drain,” where professionals leave developing countries. While this is a real concern, we want to do something about it. We’re using our strong network of relationships to help address the unequal access to healthcare caused by doctors leaving Ethiopia. As medical professionals, we feel it’s our duty to follow the example set by Hakim Workneh and Melaku Beyan. We can make a meaningful contribution by dedicating our time and resources where we currently live while building connections for future collaboration.

Some of our society members have lived in North America for a long time, while others moved more recently. But what we all have in common with Hakim Workneh and Melaku Beyan is our desire to provide better healthcare to a population in need of improved medical services. As a society named after these two trailblazing Ethiopian doctors, we want to carry forward their spirit as we work to enhance Ethiopia’s healthcare system and medical institutions.

Membership in the Hakim Workneh and Melaku Beyan Society is open to all medical doctors and healthcare professionals with ties to Ethiopia.

Hakim Workneh Eshete (Dr. Martin)

Support the Hakim Workineh and Melaku Beyan Society (HWMBS) for International Development

Dear Sir/Madam,

Our organization, a nonprofit established in 2010 by healthcare professionals in North America, is dedicated to enhancing healthcare systems and medical schools in Ethiopia.

Here are some of our achievements:

1. Continuous financial and material support to Bahir Dar Medical School, based on academic achievements and students’ needs.

2. Support for distance learning programs, especially for faculty and senior students, to promote leadership in health.

3. Creation of the Professor Ede Mariam Annual Achievement Award to recognize outstanding graduates.

4. Financial assistance provided during the COVID-19 pandemic and social crises through collaborations with other organizations over the past three years.

5. Building a partnership with Ambo University to support the development of a strong academic center within its medical school.

We kindly request your support for our organization. You can become a member or make a donation of any amount through our secure website at Ethiopiandoctors.org or by sending funds to the Hakim Workneh and Melaku Beyan Society Inc. Account #765110066, Routing #021000021. Your contribution is tax-deductible.

For any inquiries, please contact Dr. Wondwossen Gebre at 516-670-7631, Dr. Getahun Kifle at 917-304-3303, or Dr. Z. Asfaw at 845-558-8100.

Together, we can make a meaningful impact on medical education in Africa and beyond. Please join us in this noble mission.

Thank you,
Zergabachew Asfaw, MD, FACP
Chairman, HWMB Society

What we Do

Our primary causes

Supporting healthcare facilities and educational institutions, where international specialists serve their homeland, enriching lives and elevating healthcare standards.

Knowledge Transfer for Empowerment: Facilitating the exchange of medical expertise and innovative technologies, empowering local medical professionals and revolutionizing Ethiopia’s healthcare landscape.

Dr. Melaku Beyan

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